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Eelko Suithoff succeeds Ludo Campman as CEO of PUUR Mondzorg

As per March 1, Eelko Suithoff (41) has started as CEO of PUUR Mondzorg. He succeeds Ludo Campman (62), who will remain involved in an acquisitive role for PUUR Mondzorg. Eelko has a long-term experience in leading and strategic roles within retail. With him at the helm, PUUR Mondzorg targets to further grow as a leading provider of dental care with an excellent customer experience.   

Formerly, Eelko Suithoff had a successful career at Lidl. He successively managed several supermarkets and district managers, after which made the step to the head office. Over the years, he contributed to the growth of the supermarket chain in various management positions, where he was among others in charge of the sales strategy and formula.  Within this period, Lidl has developed into the third largest supermarket chain of the Netherlands.

Eelko brings in his retail experience and continues his career at PUUR Mondzorg with a new perspective and tons of energy. “Those two worlds are not the same, but there are various similarities”, says Eelko. “Both in retail as well as in dental care, the customer has a central role that you want to provide with the best possible care in a pleasant and professional setting. This can only be achieved if you work as a team, bring out the best in each other and aim for top performance every single day. This working method produces sustainable success and, above all, a lot of job satisfaction. I feel honored and thrilled for this fantastic challenge to shape and facilitate PUUR Mondzorg together with the team as my new role as CEO.”

Dual Growth

The goal for the coming years is clear. Eelko – married, three children and living in Zwolle – will lead further growth and professionalization of PUUR Mondzorg. “The growth is twofold” explains the new CEO. “We are going to further expand the number of practices and customer base. But, we will also grow the organization. It is my ambition that employees can develop themselves, that we bring the cooperation to a higher level and to serve our clients even better.”

Eelko Suithoff has full confidence in this development: “PUUR Mondzorg consists of an incredible strong and driven team who worked very hard over the last couple of years to build the powerful formula of PUUR Mondzorg. This is a solid foundation on which we can build upon. The different practices strengthen each other, that is why we have become a chain: the PUUR-family. As new CEO, I aim to further leverage on that for our clients.”

New Generation

The solid foundation is the result of the accomplishments of founder Gerrit Prins, who had built the company until 2021, and Ludo Campman, who has led PUUR Mondzorg since 2021. Now Ludo Campman takes a step back. “I have reached an age where I do not want to fully run the operation anymore”, says Ludo. “In addition to this, I strongly encourage the next generation to take over the baton. Considering the organizational structure, with a lot of young people, I believe this is a good thing.”

Ludo Campman looks back at his time as a fruitful period. “We have doubled the organization in size. The foundation is there, now it is time for further professionalization. I am confident that Eelko and the team will successfully take the next step. Meanwhile, I will contribute to this by actively participating in future M&A activities with the team.”

About PUUR Mondzorg

PUUR Mondzorg is a growing chain of dental practices in the North of the Netherlands. The organization was founded in 2019 and currently consists of 15 practices and almost 100 dental chairs. By combining previously independent practices, PUUR can offer more specialized dental care while remaining affordable. The locations are selected carefully, such that there always is a practice nearby its clients.

PUUR Mondzorg has a multidisciplinary approach. This involves that the clients are treated in highly attractive practices with a team of specialists, such as dentists, prevention assistants, and dental hygienists. By paying significant attention on prevention, PUUR Mondzorg avoids, together with its clients, the number of treatments. With the ultimate goal of a healthy mouth and unblemished teeth.