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Databalance, SJ-Solutions and IT creation join forces

We are pleased and proud to announce that Databalance and SJ-Solutions are joining forces with IT creation. The link-up represents another important step forward in the realisation of their ambitions and their development into a market-leading managed IT solutions partner. IT creation will add unique expertise, new technology and highly motivated, talented people to the group.

The company specialises in the design, implementation and management of business-critical, innovative IT infrastructures. Underpinning all IT creation's work is a firm conviction that IT is the number 1 driver of success in the modern world. At the heart of the operation are a close-knit team of professionals, a distinctive approach and a culture based on continuous learning, development and growth.

For Databalance and SJ-Solutions, the new link-up means increased capacity to deliver high-grade bespoke services based on modern workspace solutions, plus access to IT creation's unique in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructures. Enabling us and our clients to go on developing, innovating and growing in a rapidly changing landscape.

"We're beginning a new era; an era in which collaboration enables us to add to our knowledge and widen our horizon for delivering innovative solutions," commented Hans de Jongh, Founder and MD at IT creation. "The partnership represents an exciting new challenge for our organisation and our team."

Group CEO Nordi Malih added, "IT creation brings valuable additional knowledge, technology, people and experience, boosting our collective capabilities in ways that will benefit all group businesses and all our clients. The tie-in will also widen the scope for our people to learn, develop and grow."

The addition of IT creation alongside Databalance and SJ-Solutions means that the 5CS Capital Partners stable now boasts three ambitious, experienced and respected specialist providers of managed IT solutions. The enlarged group embodies the belief that the technological potential now coming online and the developments currently taking shape demand a quality player willing to invest in new expertise and collaboration.

IT creation will continue to serve its clients from its base in Papendrecht. The Databalance and SJ-Solutions teams are already actively collaborating to realise possibilities, drive development and enable innovation. With IT creation onboard as well, the group will employ a hundred professionals and have a joint turnover of approaching 50 million euros. Hans de Jongh has joined the group's Executive Board.

About IT creation

IT creation designs, delivers and manages innovative IT infrastructures, reflecting the company's conviction that IT is the number 1 driver of progress. IT creation's current strength is the result of always putting quality first since starting out in 2003. The focus on quality has nurtured a unique culture, drive and approach geared to progress and continuous development. From the company's base in Papendrecht, IT creation's highly committed team delivers IT infrastructure services with 24x7 support to a rapidly growing portfolio of customers.

About Databalance

Databalance is one of the Netherlands' leading managed IT solutions partners, with twenty-five years' experience devising, building and managing bespoke solutions for companies that depend on IT for their success and progression. The Nieuwkuijk-based company creates cloud-agnostic IT solutions using standard building blocks, best practices and proven technology, working to the highest security, privacy and compliance standards.

About SJ-Solutions

SJ-Solutions supplies high-end data management and storage solutions to commercial and public organisations. Since 2003, SJ-Solutions has been designing, implementing and managing IT solutions for vital data, reflecting its vision of data as increasingly critical for business operations and innovation. The company now has an extensive portfolio of solutions and a strong track record in the public and health care sectors.