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Databalance joins forces with SJ-Solutions

By joining forces with SJ-Solutions, Databalance takes an important step in her ambition to become a market-leading Managed IT Solutions partner. The group strengthens her position through this partnership, invests in the future, and further increases its expertise and experience. SJ-Solutions is the first acquisition of Databalance, that was acquired by 5CS Capital Partners one year ago.

SJ-Solutions specializes in the design, implementation and management of high-end data management solutions. Tailor-made IT solutions that support growth, continuity and the security of business-critical business data. Solutions based on a vision that data becomes increasingly critical for business operations and innovation.

Databalance sees the cooperation with SJ-Solutions as an opportunity to further expand its portfolio and continue to invest in high-end, customized solutions. Always facilitating the client's business needs, utilizing standard building blocks, best practices and proven technology, and working to the highest security, privacy and compliance standards.

With SJ-Solutions alongside Databalance, 5CS Capital Partners now have two ambitious, experienced and respected specialist IT providers within the Managed IT Solutions group. The cooperation reflects the group's vision of joining complementary strengths to form a market-leading high-quality service provider through a combination of organic and inorganic growth.

SJ-Solutions will continue to serve its clients from its headquarters in Leusden. The Databalance and SJ-Solutions teams are already actively collaborating to further enhance quality and enable innovation and development.

About Databalance
Databalance is one of the Netherlands' leading Managed IT Solutions partners, with a twenty-five year experience in designing, building and managing solutions for companies that depend on IT for their success and ambitions. The team consists of 25 employees, focusing on cloud-agnostic IT solutions based on standard building blocks, best practices, proven technology, and the highest demands on security, privacy and compliance standards.

About SJ-Solutions
SJ-Solutions is a high-end data solutions integrator and data solutions service provider for commercial and public organizations. Since 2003, SJ-Solutions has been designing, implementing and maintaining IT solutions for business-critical data, reflecting its vision that data is becoming increasingly important for business operations and innovation. The company has an extensive portfolio of solutions and a strong track record in the public and healthcare sectors. A Leusden-based team of 20 people continuously work on the most important data of your organization: your data.

About 5CS Capital Partners
5CS Capital Partners is an independent hands-on Dutch investor, providing companies with the fundamental capital to take the next step forward; from funding to in-depth expertise. We actively support management teams and DGAs in realizing their growth ambitions and in this way create value together.

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