5CS Capital Partners

5CS invests in AXELIO, a new group of Microsoft partners

Pixelzebra, Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist and Xperit, an experienced Microsoft Business Central ERP partner, have recently become part of the new AXELIO group. Together they offer their customers a complete range of Microsoft solutions.

With the acquisition of Pixelzebra and Xperit, 5CS Capital Partners is starting a new platform company within the Microsoft ecosystem. AXELIO, as the group is called, is taking the first steps towards building a leading group of Microsoft specialists that empower one another and offer their customers a comprehensive spectrum of Microsoft solutions.

Frank van der Woude, active as Operating Partner of 5CS since early 2020, has been appointed CEO of AXELIO. Frank brings years of experience as CEO in software organizations, including several larger European Microsoft Dynamics partners. “I believe in value creation through close collaboration and the use of technology that quickly and directly adds value for our customers. The complete range of Microsoft solutions, complemented by our market expertise in deploying these solutions quickly and effectively, offers significant opportunities for companies. That is why we are building a group of Microsoft partners who, from their own individual specialism and together as a team, can optimally serve our customers.’

Pixelzebra is the Dynamics CRM specialist within the AXELIO group. It has a broad and strongly growing customer base.

Robert Lagas, Managing Director Pixelzebra:
'Together with my colleagues and our customers, we have experienced accelerated growth in recent years. We see the choice to be part of AXELIO as a new adventure, as the next phase in which we can grow as an organization and offer more opportunities to employees and customers. The fact that we can work with businesses with the same vision and ambition was decisive in our choice to become part of AXELIO.’

Xperit is AXELIO’s Business Central ERP specialist, providing solutions for wholesalers and manufacturing companies.

Lubbert van den Heuvel, Managing Director, Xperit:
‘Because Microsoft offers so many possibilities to entrepreneurs, we regularly receive questions from our customers about whether we can offer more than our ERP solutions. That’s why we’re pleased to be part of a group of Microsoft partners that allow us to offer our customers a complete range of Microsoft products and services. The experience of the people of AXELIO and the room for business creativity were decisive factors for me and co-founder Wim de Bruin in joining this new group.’

5CS Capital Partners is an independent hands-on Dutch investor, providing companies with the fundamental capital to take the next step forward; from funding to in-depth expertise. We actively support management teams and DGAs in realizing their growth ambitions and in this way create value together.

Charles Kotting, partner of 5CS:
‘We are delighted to announce our third platform investment with AXELIO. Xperit and Pixelzebra are two great companies, creating an all-round Microsoft partner group that will help customers take full advantage of this unique software platform. We are convinced that under the leadership of Frank van der Woude and the management teams of Pixelzebra and Xperit, we have a great team to build this group in the coming years.’