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The world in which you act accelerates. You see companies around you rapidly transforming, and you know that you must continue to implement innovations and improvements. Customers increasingly ask how sustainable your company is. Is your company able to make the next growth leap and having a future-proof business model? Therefore you are looking for an investor who understands you, your team, your market and your company and has walked in your shoes.

5CS Capital Partners

We are an independent and hands-on Dutch investor, providing you with the fundamental capitals you need to take the next step forward, from funding to in-depth expertise. We have a proven track record in successfully expanding and reaching the full potential of businesses in the Dutch SME space. We actively support management teams and business owners in achieving their growth ambitions and thereby jointly creating value. Smart Investors: to financially enable the expected growth. Good Managers: to support growth with a sophisticated strategy. Pragmatic Operators: to realize progression in a pragmatic and decisive way.

5 investment themes

We are generic entrepreneurial investors with a preference for companies where one of the following themes is an important part of the next growth or transformation phase.
Communicatie en telecom


5CS Capital Partners


5CS Capital Partners


5CS Capital Partners


5CS Capital Partners


Core investment criteria

Proven business model

with a growing and sustainable customer base

Relevant & visible position

in the value chain

Growth potential

for the long term


in the Benelux

Businesses with an ebitda

of at least 1 million Euro and a positive cashflow

We invest between 5 and 20 million euros, aim at a majority stake, to partner with management teams.